Dates Are The Healthiest Fruit And Also a Tasty Cure

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You probably didn’t know that despite being quite yummy, dates are also quite the beneficial fruit for your health. They have an impact on the regulation of your blood pressure, prevention of cancer, heart attacks, anemia and many other unwanted states.

Here is why dates are so good for you:


Reduce high blood pressure

Dates have a high level of calcium, and what is more important, magnesium. Studies have shown that if you take like 370 mg of Mg your will certainly lower your blood pressure.

Support brain health

This is due to the phosphorus that encourages brain function.

Rich in iron

They contain a huge amount of iron so about 100 g dates can give up to 0.90 g iron or 11% of what you should take every day.Dates are also good to consume during pregnancy and in the teenage years.

Improve digestion

They can be used as a sugar substitute as they are healthier and contain many more useful ingredients.

Strengthen the heart

If you are suffering from a heart disease, just eat dates. Soak them in water, leave them to stay during the night and make a delicious smoothie in the morning.


They can cure diarrhea and produce healthy bacteria in your body.


It can certainly encourage your digestive system by speeding up the intestine’s work and allow you to empty yourself quite quickly.

Prevent strokes

Potassium, contained in dates quite a lot, can lower the risk of you having a heart attack by far.

Eye health

Dates are filled with eye vitamins like lutein, and zeaxanthin, responsible for the protection of the eye retina and macula.They make you see better, and stop the damaging of the macula caused by the aging process.

Weight loss

They can help you lose your appetite by are also contained of much sugar so be careful when consuming them every day.

Improve libido

Soak a few dates in goat milk and leave it for the night. Than add some honey and make a smoothie. Your libido will improve in no time and you will be able to spice up things under the sheets.


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